Deliberate discovery defines Lola Montejo’s abstract expressionistic works of art. Filled with incongruous materials, her paintings are the synthesis of ideas and reactions to the materials she was using at that time, which also dictates the processes and techniques she must employ.

Exploring the lines between intentional and accidental, rational and irrational, contemplative and spontaneous; she cuts, tears, sands, masks out and pours or rollouts paint layers. This is the beginning of an open dialogue with her media and all those possibilities while at the same time creating constraints that stimulate her discovery.

Lola’s initial shapes or marks, based on an image or an event, but can take on their own lives as she carefully builds or deconstructs layers. Space is generated by movement and shifting incidents on the canvas which refer to both to literal and suggested motion or change, while touch is what is left behind in thin, heavy, flat, or peeled away, repetitive application of paint.

Montejo’s works of art are the visual results of layers of radical contradictions. They are created using an organic process of deliberate discovery based on unpredictable structure. A process that is about knowing when to embrace expectations, rules, desire, control, and even fear, but equally as important as knowing when to let them go.